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Anti-scam guide  
Anti-Scam Guide
From thousands of women from East Europe who are subscribed to the dating or match-making agencies with the purpose to meet the foreigner for a serious relationships or marriage, there is a small percent which, using the anonymity given by the Internet, are deceiving some men from Western Europe or USA.

This article will certainly not be pleasant for the rascals, but we hope that the following information will cause reduction in the amount of deceptive practices, which harm every day the reputation of the international marriage agencies each and every day.
It is important to note one detail: anyone can fall for a scam! Even the most brilliant businessman, who is able to catch many fraudulent acts can be tricked as the debutant if he is not informed on tactics used by these scammers: when business concerns, sentimental area and loneliness, borders and barriers are reduced for great pleasure of some dishonest people.

Rule number one is obvious and effective, to be saved from a fraud: never send money to the woman with whom you are in contact!!!
If you wish to invite the lady of your choice to your home country it is better to buy the air plane ticket directly from the agency and be able to obtain a refund in case of non-use of the ticket. Even if she writes to you, that the air ticket would cost 2 or 3 times less if she would buy it in Russia herself, do not send her money! Buy the ticket yourself!
The reputation and seriousness of our agency is based on a simple principle: we clearly declare our intentions to the ladies, who want to join our agency: no one from our men will send money to them on any occasion. We discourage these swindlers, who however, prefer to try the chance at other agencies.

The first stage: an establishment of the contact with the lady

If you wish to create a family with the girl from the East Europe you have a few ways and opportunities in getting in contact with Russian or Ukrainian girls with the help of marriage or dating agencies. There are two main types of agencies:

1) Classical marriage agencies such as ours, which make the catalogues of Russian and Ukrainian ladies with the help of partner agencies in Russia and Ukraine. These partner agencies are responsible for checking the lady's personal data and be convinced of her motivation: agencies offer a long-term membership (maximum 1 year), cost of membership starts from several hundreds up to several thousand dollars. Marriage agencies are imposed with law, the contract guaranteeing the rights, if signed by two parties. The advantage of this system is that to guarantee that the ladies who have joined the marriage agency actually exist!
However, it is possible, that some of these ladies have dishonest intentions! That is why the Inter-Marriage Agency works in close relations with independent associations, whose purpose is to collect evidence on the deceived persons, to create the black list of swindlers and dishonest agencies: these associations visit our site a few times each week our site and supervise the data of our new ladies laboriously.

2) Dating clubs which create their files from photos and questionnaires, sent by e-mail on behalf of the ladies, who wish to marry a foreigner: they sell individual addresses for the sums of 5 to 20 USD for each address. These agencies are not following any rules because they are not considered marriage agencies, but as dating clubs. In this case, any written contract is not signed, payment is carried out by a credit card directly on a site. Inconvenience of this system in difficulty to check the identity of the person, who was subscribed on the site independently. Swindlers are in the majority on these types of sites because the anonymity which they can use: the charming 20 years old Russian girl with whom you are corresponding, could be a grumpy old man with the anonymous electronic address in reality, who just sends e-mails with a photo of the beautiful girl from a fashion magazine.
But, please, have in mind, that these cheaters are a very small percent of the number of women whom are honest and sincere in their intentions, so do not become paranoid.

The second stage: correspondence

Let's now study the mechanism of this type of a deceit: you purchase from an agency a few addresses of the ladies from Eastern Europe and send them a letter - representing yourself plus sending several photos; you get in contact with one of them and everything seems to be normal in the beginning, and then, unexpectedly, after only 3 or 4 exchanges of letters the lady declares, that she is madly in love with you. After the declaration of her love for you followed by 1 or 2 passionate letters, the lady, suddenly asks you to send her money. Usually swindlers do not show good imagination and will frequently use the same schemes.

The standard scheme is a method of " milking the cow". The cheater asks you about sending small amounts of money regularly to defray various charges- such as access to the Internet, English language courses to manage a better communication with you etc... Once you stop sending money, the lady is disappearing. The average monthly salary in Russia is near $50USD, so such "small sums " that you sent to her could be actually a financial godsend for "the pour Russian woman".

The other scheme is the money for the visa: in this type of scheme her letters are more individual and also make an illusion, that strong feelings are created between you and the lady. After approximately 10 letters the lady has the opportunity to arrive in your home country and that a large sum of money is necessary to receive the visa. She is burning with desire and she wants to meet with you as soon as possible. After you send her the money, the lady disappears.
The scheme of the trip: similar to the scheme of the visa. The lady tells you, that she has a girlfriend or the member of her family who works in a travel agency and has an opportunity to buy the airplane below the competitions price (sometimes there are some variations: the lady knows the civil pilot or agency which suddenly makes improbable promotions on the tickets).

The scheme of sickness: usually it is a seriously sick person in her family (mother, father) and he or she can only be rescued, if you send a large amount of money to pay for the necessary medical care.

The scheme of accident: identical to the scheme of illness, but this time a member of the family is a victim of some terrible accident, and he can not survive without an expensive surgery and urgent hospitalization.

The scheme of a mirage: is more seldom. In this case the agencies are selling addresses: questionnaires and photos of Russian girls that do not exist. This scheme functions by the amount of addresses sold by the agencies: the false address which costs $10 USD could be sold hundreds of times to Americans and Europeans, paying by credit cards!! Internet sites of these agencies are exposed and closed by their Internet provider sometimes, but they reopen several weeks later under another Internet address, with other names and with a different web design! These agencies, Russian or Ukrainian in the majority, also use free-of-charge space for their sites. These sites have similar design, very little information, the exact amount of photos of the beautiful Russian girls and an online system of credit card payment. It is a well-known " HIT AND RUN ", in other words to sell a maximum number of false addresses in a minimum amount of time, to close the site and to disappear, only to reopen later under another site and under another name.

Outside of these schemes there are some signs, which should alert you: but meanwhile do not leave in paranoia!

1. After your payment the agency refuses to provide you with the post address of the lady and gives you only the electronic address: this is the characteristic of the dishonest agencies, which have the counterfeit files of unreal announcements. The agency has no basis to not give you the post address of the lady.

2. The lady herself does not wish to give her post address and corresponds with you by free-of-charge electronic mail: the most popular in Russia are,,, and others...The lady writes to you, that she is using this free-of-charge service on the computer from her work or the cyber cafe. If the lady changes the electronic address often, it is because there was a complaint against her because of her scheming and consequently the Internet provider removes her ?-mail address. It should convince you to the bigger concern: send the electronic letter to her Internet provider to find out, if her e-mail address was closed because of a complaint. A problem with these electronic addresses is that it is impossible to identify the person: be prepared - your correspondent will disappear without leaving any traces.

3. Lady gives you the address, specifying the P.O. Box, instead of her personal address: be very cautious, the lady can disappear without leaving any traces.

4. Photos sent by the lady look really professional and the lady looks like a model: you will probably be surprised to find out she really is a model! Many swindlers will not hesitate just copy the photos published in fashion magazines!!

5. The lady does not personalize the letters and is not interested in your character. The typical tactics of the scammer, which sends a maximum of standard letters to all of men who have bought her electronic address from the site, and hopes that the man will bite on her hook.

6. The lady sends one or several erotic photos of herself in each message: an effective method to some men who put physical criteria first and who did not contact this lady because she has written in the questionnaire that she likes to bake cakes or to read Dostoevsky. Do not forget, that an average Russian lady usually does not have a financial opportunity to make highly professional photo and to pay for their scanning. But swindlers do!! They have many photos of the same girl and are ready to send you them over and over again.

7. Lady mentions persistently the fact, that she has a small income and big financial difficulties, but she does not ask for money directly: be very vigilant, because it is a classical tactic. Remember that the Russian ladies are very proud and modest and they will never begin such conversation themselves.

8. The lady wishes to meet you only after several exchanges of letters!! A classical method by creation a sense of promptness: remind yourself, that time is the main enemy of the cheater. It is totally opposed to the serious ladies who will decide to meet only after deep thoughts and reflections (especially when we consider a trip). The sensation of promptness created by the cheater can be compared with the fox, which is setting the fire to a henhouse. Our advice-do not hasten and very patient during your correspondence: the cheater will disappear and she will try to catch another man.

9. The lady is absolutely not interested in your work or your incomes. It can seem paradoxical firstly: you tell yourself, that she is interested only in your character and not in your standard of living, but actually, a knave just does not wish certain serious relations with you and wants only to draw a maximum amount of money in a minimum amount of time. Opposite to the serious lady who will not leave her country and her family not being sure, that the man with whom she is going to live, will manage the financial security of their future family.

Third stage: reaction - what to do if you were a victim of deceit?

Unfortunately there is very little chance, that you can get your money back. You can meanwhile help other men to avoid the fraud:
a) To contact the marriage agency or club of acquaintances, which has given you the addresses of the girls: serious agencies will remove immediately the data of this girl from their files; it will help to avoid other swindlers.
b) To contact the Internet provider of this girl and ask him to remove her e-mail address.
c) If you sent money on Western Union, send them a letter to this address:

Western Union 13022 Hollenberg Drive; Bridgeton, MO 63044; USA

Send a copy of your receipt of the payment you made (unfortunately it does not mean that you can ask them about compensation of money), this letter will help to place the address of the girl in the black list and to avoid a deceit of other people.

If you were a victim of deceit, send us an electronic letter (; detailing your case, we are ready to publish your evidence in this heading.

To see the list of the scammers click here:


 Do not hesitate to contact us:   

Tel.: +33 9 54 61 07 27 (Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m till 6 p.m, French time)
Address: INTER-MARIAGE, 178 Avenue Estienne d'Orves, 83500, La Seyne sur Mer, France

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