(14010-C) Elena, 36 ans  (Ukraine Nikolaev)  Contact by e-mail / 
Contact par e-mail
Date of birth/ Date de naissance: 12.04.1981

Sign of the zodiac/ Signe du zodiaque: Aries / Bélier
Marital status/ Situation: Divorced / Divorcée
Children/ Enfants: son 2001, daughter 2012
Height/ Taille: 166 cm
Weight/ Poids: 60kg
Eye Colour/ Couleur des yeux: Hazel / Noisettes
Hair Colour/ Couleur des cheveux: Blond / Blonds
Spoken language/ Langue: English: poor
Education/ Etudes: Higher / Supérieures
Profession/ Profession: manager
Interests/ Loisirs: I love life and people in it.:) For me family is the first priority and treasure. :) To do something for my kids and close people is my big pleasure and reward when I see their happy smiles. :) It could be a tasty meal or a ride to the forest or river. Retreats to the nature and picnics with BBQ boost my energy and at the same time a simple way for me to relax and to share my joy with people I love. I am never tired of a car ride over a night city. It’s my little passion and big amusement. Fitness and yoga classes make me feel very feminine, embrace my sensuality and simply keep my body fit and healthy. :) It is also fun for me visiting cinema or theater shows with my friends. I am sure that we can find activities which we can share. Made it can be a dinner only for you and me…:)
Personality/ Personnalité: I hope that you would be glad to meet a happy, kind, loving and caring girl. I know that I am not perfect and have my flaws. But I learned to believe in my talents and strengths. Behind my confidence lies the heart of a woman who feels fragile and longs to love and to be loved in return.:) I am very communicable person and like to help people with a friendly advice or practical help. My friends can rely on me and have my support any time. .:) If you choose me, you will chose a woman who knows how to celebrate, how to enjoy life and how to love.
Smoking/ Fumeur: No / Non
Possible contact/ Contact possible: By the agency e-mail / Par l'e-mail de l'agence
Video-clip/ Vidéo-clip: No / Non
Videoconference/ Vidéo-conférence: Yes / Oui
About Partner / A propos de l'homme que je cherche:
Age minimum: 35     Age maximum: 55
Marital status / Situation familiale: Not important/Peu importe
Profession: Not
Country/Pays: Not important/Peu importe
My wishes / Mes souhaits: I would be happy to meet a decent man with a warm heart. My beloved is a true man: masculine and strong, yet caring and loving. For me it is very important that he loves kids and values family. I desire a harmonic and healthy family with a beloved person
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