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35 y.o. (Mariupol, Ukraine), Ref #12803

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Fecha de nacimiento:
Signo del zodiaco:
Situación civil:
son, 2011
172 cm
60 kg
Color de ojos:
Color de pelo:
Idiomas hablados:
English (beginner)
There is so much what this world presents to us for time spending and for enjoying. I never take anything for granted and value every moment. I love to explore the world and to travel. Learning is very important for me and I never mind about trying something new. I am an artistic person, even if I cannot practice myself, I like going out to watch a performance, play or show. Time on the nature is also enjoyable for me, nothing can be compared with a weekend trip in the picturesque place in the local forest or somewhere close to the seashore. Sport plays a big part in my life, sport is my life style, I do my best to stay in good shape. Moments with friends and family are valuable for me and of course, we are happy to spend time together with my boy, we are very close friends.
Describing me, my close ones say that I am a lady with a charm, with a sense of responsibility and positive attitude to life. I have a kind and caring heart, I am sociable and friendly in nature, very sympathetic and loyal towards the viewpoints of others. I am a great listener, I can say that I can listen and can hear others. Conflicts are not for me, I believe in compromise and dialogue. My mind is curious, my character is balanced, my life style is active. I also know how to reach my goals and can be decisive and goal-minded. I consider myself a caring and loving mother, my son’s well being means everything for me. In the relationships I am giving. If I love, I love with all my heart.
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Acerca de Partner

Edad mínima:
35 y.o.
Edad máxima:
55 y.o.
Mis deseos:
I am in search for a man who wishes to join our family, who wishes to enjoy life in a company of true friends, who needs a true partner for life who will never betray and who will be always close in all life situations.




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