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24 y.o. (Rostov-na-Donu, Russia), Ref #12810

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Data di nascita:
Segno zodiacale:
Situazione familiare:
160 cm
58 kg
Colore occhi:
Colore capelli:
Lingue parlate:
French - satisfactory, English - satisfactory
Higher / Supérieures
teacher of French and English
I like music and I play piano. I adore the classical music (Bethhoven, Tschaikivskij, Shopean). The classical music can full the soul with tender and lovely feelings and to harmonize myself. Movies. I like cognitive movies, movies about people, their life, relations, movies about the animals. My favourite movie is “Hatico”. This film is about one dog. About the real friendship between a human and a dog. Very sensual. I like horse riding. I make it with much pleasure when I have a rest with family or with my friends everywhere outside the city. I like to ride through the forest, steps and feel the world around me and to feel connection with my horse. It is very breathtakingly. And I had the experience swimming with dolphins . II can not explain with a couple of words what I feel when the dolphin was near by in the water! Amazing feelings. I felt so much love from it and would like to share this love with everybody after. Certainly I like swimming and go to the warm countries for swimming. I like Meddteranien Sea with sand and tender waves. And I like disco and fitness to dance and to feel my body! I’m open to find new hobbies for myself or share the hobbies of my future husband.
I have only the best imagines about the relations with one young man who is looking for one young, nice girl for the serious relation. My family and my friends say about me, that I’m tender and romantic girl. I can find always time for my families members when they need my support. I’m sociable and I have many friends here. I’m open for everything new and light in my life. I’m student now and it means, there are many things I would learn about for my future professions. My friends say I’m have always my opinion and can be direct and open. Yes, I have my p own opinion but I’m ready to find the compromises. And I like to have the opend dialogues with my partners because only clear conversations can help to understand the life position of my partner and get me clear if we are on the same way to the same goals or aren’t. For me it is very important to have similar wishes, dreams with my life partner, my future husband.
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Eta minima:
24 y.o.
Eta massima:
37 y.o.
Miei desideri:
I’m seeking for a man, who would like to build a friendly and happy family with one happy, young lady, with similar interests! I would like my future man is well educated and with good manners.


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