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24 y.o. (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Ref #13612

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Data di nascita:
Segno zodiacale:
Situazione familiare:
176 cm
53 kg
Colore occhi:
Colore capelli:
Lingue parlate:
English - Weak
College (Bac+2, Bac+3)
I have a confession. I’m music-addicted person! I can’t go out of home without music in my ears. Just recommend me a good song that will play on repeat in my mp3 player for a couple of days, and I’m all yours (joking!). I am also keen on hand made things. I mean I like making stuff for decorating home myself. Such things, I believe, bring individuality to the place, where I live. When it’s warm outside, I enjoy outdoors and some sports like brisk walking and jogging, don’t mind camping and everything that keeps me active. Especially love swimming. My zodiac sign is Pisces it’s not hard to guess that I’m in my element in water. However, I try to keep an open mind about other interesting activities and could share some of my partner’s interests with pleasure.
The dreamer. The truth seeker. The fighter when it comes to reaching the goal. Simple, sociable and outgoing young woman. I prefer to be all in, or get all out. There’s no halfway for me. When I do something, I fully dedicate myself to that thing. When I love, I’m 100% loyal. If I were a chocolate, I would be a dark one. It’s bitter-sweet like me! If I were a city, I would be New York. No, I’m not a concrete jungle :) However my soul is like the web of New York streets and avenues. You can get lost there easily. But don’t worry, I will help you to find the right way! If I were a flower, I would be Middlemist camellia. Have you ever heard about it? I guess you haven’’s because this flower is one of the most rare species in the world! So I’m rare thing – catch me If you can ;) If I were a book character, I would be Elizabeth Bennet from “Pride and prejudice” …I’m single and look for my Mr.Darcy (my love!) here! If I were you, I would click on that “send message” button to discover if we match! :)
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24 y.o.
Eta massima:
45 y.o.
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Dear gentlemen, let me be direct. I came here to find my second half, and believe me I’m very serious in my search. I want to have happy and healthy family with an amazing man. My dear future second half is complete and utter gentleman.


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