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39 y.o. (Mariupol, Ukraine), Ref #13792

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Data di nascita:
Segno zodiacale:
Situazione familiare:
son, 2006
164 cm
64 kg
Colore occhi:
Colore capelli:
Lingue parlate:
English beginner
Higher / Supérieures
I am interested in different spheres of life – art and sport, nature and science, history and geography. I adore traveling, country trips, reading, visiting cultural events, I also practice sport regularly. As many women, it is important for me how I look like, so my big passion is sphere of beauty and I am learning hair styling. My personality is also quite business-minded, I am interested in business technologies and economics. And of course, nothing can be compared with family moments and time with close people, for me such time spending is precious, I am a mother and daughter.
Not so easy to describe myself just in a few lines, you just see some of my photos and a few lines with my self-description. I can say that I am a person with morals and principles, I believe in compromise, kindness, compassion, force of optimism and smile. I like learning and discovering, value self-growth and intellectual development. I am a person with good manners, well-educated and open for new knowledge. My personality is balanced, my life style is active and energetic, my attitude to life is positive.
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Eta minima:
35 y.o.
Eta massima:
60 y.o.
Miei desideri:
I am not looking for somebody extraordinary, for some Superman :) I need a man for life, interested in family life, who values our relationships and having a beloved woman in his life.


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