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22 y.o. (Mariupol, Ukraine), Ref #14359

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160 cm
55 kg
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College (bac+2; bac+3)
hair stylist
I am quite a creative and artistic person, I like creating and designing, both with my mind and hands. I work in hair styling and I also design accessories for hair. My city is located on the seashore, so here we have nice sea areas and views, also nice woods area where it is good to travel for weekend picnics (smile). I like time with my family and friends, like both city and country activities, practice sports regularly and in future would like to travel together with my future husband and family.
I was brought up with morals and strong family values, my parents taught me to treat people with respect and tolerance, to have good manners and to be responsive. For me inner world of the person is a priority, our souls and hearts are our real treasure. I can be shy with people whom I just start to know, but then in time I open up and share good and positive. In spite of my young age, I am quite a mature lady, I know well what I want in life, my principles and morals in my life are already determined, have already education, full profession and I am sure about my desire to create family.
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Eta minima:
24 y.o.
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40 y.o.
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In a man I value decency and serious attitude to the relationships. Here I wish to develop relationships with a man who is sure in what he wants, who is sure in his decision to build serious and stable relationships leading to marriage and family life, who didn’t come here just to spend his time, but wishes to meet a serious and real woman to build future together. Together we can overcome everything in life, will share our joys and sorrows, will cheer each other up and will inspire each other. I cannot say that I have some exact image of a man, there are no perfect people in this world, we can just complete each other and try becoming better for each other and for world around. I can say that I am quite an “old-fashioned” lady, have traditional views on the relationships, wish to feel a lady with my gentleman. I am looking for the same type of man, not some spoiled man who would want to have a sex with a lady the first meeting, it is not for me, it is not normal for me.


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