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32 ans (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Ref #16253

Daria , Russia
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Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Daria , Russia
Date de naissance:
Signe du zodiaque:
12 Capricorne
Situation matrimoniale:
170 cm
46 kg
Couleur des yeux:
Couleur des cheveux:
Bruns foncé
United-Kingdom-flag-32.png ★★★★★ (5 of 5)
marketing, ecologist, civil employee
I do not like spend all time in shopping, its very boring for me, I do not like visiting beauty salon. For me it’s a waste of time. I adore reading, literature, traveling, learn new culture, traditions and architecture countries, I adore nature, adore to spend time on country side, be with friends , visiting theatres , learning about foreign languages, adore to be in fresh air , love nature. I also do yoga and visit swimming pool. I have passive income from my extra properties, what why I can send time for my charity projects .
I never do rash acts, so I rarely make mistakes. I always know exactly what I want and do not need advice. Purposeful, responsible, punctual, I always keep my promises. During the last 10 years I worked as social civil employer, we do commercial project of the ecology . My work allows a lot of good and deep thought before you make a plan for long -term project and development. I always think over my thoughts and decisions many times, I never do things that are not thought out, I have a good sense of humor and at the same time I am a serious and responsible person. I bring any work to the end, I love to help people and often do it charity I follow to modern life and modern fashion, I always try to be well-groomed and elegant. I like when a partner with me is also neat and attentive to his outer and inner world.
Contact possible par:
Par l'e-mail de l'agence

Personne recherchée

Age minimum:
34 ans
Age maximum:
55 ans
Mes souhaits:
A man who will be next to me, I see a man open, with a strong character, attentive to the woman and held as a person in work and career. I do not plan to have children in the future, perhaps this moment will also be important for my chosen one. Country of residence can be any. It is very important to have people with whom you have the same outlook on life and similar priorities. I am very inspired by people who take part in charity projects and help others. Why should people help others? In order to feel their connections with the world, exchange experience and energy, so that other destinies pass through themselves and are not boiled only in their own juice. The fewer connections with the world, the more limited you are in your ideas about it. Helping, we can find answers to the most global questions: what does love mean, what does affection mean, what is loneliness, what is gratitude.


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