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38 ans (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Ref #18260

Katerina, Ukraine
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Katerina, Ukraine
Katerina, Ukraine
Katerina, Ukraine
Katerina, Ukraine
Katerina, Ukraine
Katerina, Ukraine
Katerina, Ukraine
Katerina, Ukraine
Katerina, Ukraine
Katerina, Ukraine
Date de naissance:
Signe du zodiaque:
8 Vierge
Situation matrimoniale:
170 cm
54 kg
Couleur des yeux:
Couleur des cheveux:
United-Kingdom-flag-32.png ★★★☆☆ (3 of 5)
Technologist Chemist
Sports, travel, reading, dancing
When you look at my photos, you see in them a beautiful, well-groomed and long-legged brunette with a great smile. But these are not all the qualities that I can boast of :)) I'm smart, because I'm very modest, that's why I'm so beautiful)) Do you agree with that?:) In fact, I am the soul of the company, I am a communicative, interesting person. I always try to find positive qualities in people. I am not conflicted, but if I see injustice I can fight for it :) I can say that I am more soft and tender. I, like a little girl, dream of a prince in a white convertible :) I like to spend my free time with my family or friends. I love the sea so much that I found a job in Greece and now I live there. But from time to time I come to Ukraine. I like watching sunsets on the beach, running along the coast in the morning. reading and dreaming a lot. Dream about my happy future, when my beloved man and a couple of happy and sweet kids are nearby me :) Something like this))
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Age minimum:
35 ans
Age maximum:
55 ans
Mes souhaits:
For me, there is no specific set of qualities that a real man should correspond to. I know many men who are “real” in my eyes. I believe that everyone should find out this with himself and for himself. However, for me, a real man is someone who has certain qualities and behaves accordingly: honest, direct, not too vain or sensitive, generous, patient, sympathetic, ready to help and with a certain firmness towards himself. Men should not complain; they should accept the challenges of life with calmness and readiness. Always prioritize the interests of the family before one's own interests. Men should be able to behave correctly and respect women, but at the same time not give themselves offense. In general, to be a real man, you need to remember the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling. Being a man in the spirit of my definition is not easy, I know :). These are high ideals that require effort, while inner impulses can be very different. But to become an ideal woman is also difficult :)


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