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48 ans (Poltava, Ukraine), Ref #18598

Evgeniya, Ukraine
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Evgeniya, Ukraine
Evgeniya, Ukraine
Evgeniya, Ukraine
Evgeniya, Ukraine
Evgeniya, Ukraine
Evgeniya, Ukraine
Evgeniya, Ukraine
Evgeniya, Ukraine
Evgeniya, Ukraine
Date de naissance:
Signe du zodiaque:
9 Balance
Situation matrimoniale:
174 cm
77 kg
Couleur des yeux:
Couleur des cheveux:
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Bank employee
My dog, hiking, swimming, yoga, music concerts, theater, music festivals, travel
I have a wonderful life in Ukraine, I am a professional in my work. And now I have decided, in addition to this, to become a happy woman and wife. I have been divorced for 10 years and am absolutely sure that I am ready to write a new page in my life, I hope it will be the brightest and happiest page! I have no children, so I am very easy-going. But I have a dog, puppy. This is a funny dachshund boy, he is 6 months old, his name is Martin. I love him very much, this is my child, with whom I like to spend my time. We love long walks with him. We live next to the river, so we also love to swim. Summer is a time for swimming and I really love to swim, so I swim every day in the morning and in the evening. In general, I like all the entertainment that exists on the water and is associated with water: sea / river walks, water parks, attractions. I have a dream to learn how to windsurf, I am sure it will definitely happen))) Music takes a big place in my life, it is with me almost everywhere and always. My ideal Friday night is an evening in a cozy cafe or music club, where live music is played in the company of friends with a glass of red, dry wine and sincere conversation. I can't imagine my life without going to the theater, concerts, music festivals, art galleries. Always, during my travels, the first thing in a new city I visit an art museum in the afternoon and a jazz club in the evening. From sports I like yoga, it is constantly all year round and alpine skiing, it is possible in winter. I would also like to master the game of golf, it seems to me that this is a very interesting and intellectual game. I have traveled a lot, have been to many countries of Europe, and have also been to the USA more than once, so I absolutely know exactly what I want and what not. I am a very sociable person and I like smart, serious, meaningful conversations. But at the same time, I value my personal space and the space of my partner, I welcome it when partners have their own time, spend time with friends without a husband / wife, have their own interests. In general, I am a very interested person, I am interested in everything new and unknown, I am sure that there is so much more in the world that I would like to devote time to and learn. Therefore, I need the same companion - a fidget man. With a homebody, lover of football, couch and TV series, we can hardly find an agreement. Of course, I love movies, TV shows, especially detective stories and thrillers))) But this is sometimes, in winter or when the weather is bad.
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45 ans
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70 ans
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I want to meet a man with whom I can get bright emotions from life in general and our private life in particular. I hope that we will travel a lot both in our country and in other countries. I am a person of a big city, so I want to live either in a big city or in the suburbs of a big city, so that if I want to be able to enjoy the benefits of this city and its cultural events such as theaters, concerts, exhibitions, restaurants, music clubs. It will be good if we have a home where we can host friends or spend quiet family days. I would be delighted if my man loved to cook, I promise to help him in the cooking process!)) Hope we can go in for sports, but without fanaticism. Everything should be harmonious, without pressures and excesses.


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